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Programs & Creative Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that encourages a child's natural curiosity for learning. Our classrooms offer both traditional and hands-on learning experiences to help your child find the perfect balance between group play and individual learning. Each child moves at their own unique pace, while they are encouraged to explore basic skills in:


Reading Readiness/Writing (learning the alphabet, listening to stories, enriching language skills)
Math Concepts (sorting, matching, patterns, time, sequencing)
Science (exploring, discovering, observation, weather, planting, cooking)
Language (memory, observation of details, following direction, auditory and visual differences/similarities)
Social Studies (exploration, community, routines, stories, music)
Art and Music (creating, experimenting, expressing emotion, self-expression, fine motor coordination)
Dramatic Play (imagination, imitation, reflection, self-expression, experimentation)

Our primary goal is to stimulate your child's natural curiosity, expand their love for learning, and guide them in their personal growth.

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